Shannon Reinert
Technical Support


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314-726-2606 x: 121


The smiling voice that agency staff hear when calling for technical support at the Productive Living Board belongs to Shannon. For the last 7 years, Shannon has been the person users go to when they have problems with their computer or other technological devices or applications. Her main duty is to man the help desk, where users can call or send a ticket seeking help with a problem, or summon someone to their work area for assistance.


Shannon is a vital member of the PLB Information Technology team. Not only does she provide onsite technical support for PLB staff, she also serves remote users at PLB funded agencies by talking the users through their technical issues. Even though the services Shannon provides are varied, her main responsibility is the same: to ensure that users, whether internal or external, remain connected to the PLB's technology infrastructure with a working, smoothly-running device, whether it's a PC, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.