Employment Services focus on providing supports which enable individuals to successfully work in the setting of their choice. Services focus on helping individuals learn and consistently use the skills required for employment, develop relationships and natural supports in the workplace, and use transportation services.


An individual may still be in school, or may have graduated but has little to no experience working in a community environment. In these cases, Pre-Employment services might be the right fit. Pre-employment services are designed for individuals with little to no work experience who want to develop the skills necessary to find, get, and keep a job that they love. Programs funded in this category can include volunteer experiences, partnerships with school transition programs, summer work experiences and continuing education/vocational classes.


Supported Employment services are designed for individuals who have a job, and need support to keep that job. In addition, an individual might utilize supported employment services to learn new skills in order to advance to the next level of the job they have. Individuals typically get support from an agency staff person, who attends work periodically along with the individual to help the person develop work skills, self-advocate, adjust to a new supervisor, or learn the soft skills involved in working with others (getting along with coworkers, understanding workplace culture, knowing how to navigate the social aspects of the breakroom/lunchroom, etc.)


Some individuals choose to work in a Sheltered Workshop environment. Sheltered Employment is available in five funded workshops in the St. Louis County area.