Community Services focus on providing supports which enable individuals to successfully live in their home or the home of the natural family. Services focus on helping individuals learn and consistently use the skills necessary for independence, develop relationships and natural supports, and participate as members of the community.


If an individual needs occasional but ongoing support in order to live independently in their home, the Independent Supported Living Assistance program might be a good fit. Independent Supported Living Assistance programs provide approximately 9-11 hours per week of support to develop skills needed for cooking, cleaning, budgeting, accessing the community and any other task that goes into maintaining a home. Support staff use teaching methods to support the individual in learning and mastering these skills needed to maintain their own home.


Some of the programs funded by the PLB fall into the category of Individual and Family Support. For individuals who are living in their natural homes with their families, the care and support that the family provides is vital to the success of the individual to continue to live in the natural family home environment. These programs are designed to provide a break for the full-time caregiver, so that caregiver can continue the tasks of supporting their loved one at home.


All citizens have a right to be included in the community. Community Support programs are designed to provide a variety of opportunities for individuals to access their community, just like everybody else. These services can include weekend or summer camps, adventure camps, counseling and support groups, opportunities to develop skills while navigating the community, therapeutic horseback riding, self-awareness development programs and access to adaptive equipment or repair.


The PLB recognizes the unique needs of people who are aging and developed a category of funded programs titled Older Adult Supports. These programs are designed to provide for the unique needs and desires of individuals with developmental disabilities as they age.